Special Zones


A highly customised ambience with exclusive functions: a billiard room and a place for entertaining and meeting people. Expert craftmanship distinguishes this state room.

Exclusivity of materials
gives form to private luxury

This magnificent environment features a small coffee table with drawers, realized in black ebony and nickel-plated metal inserts. A refined exclusive room where valuable materials are cleverly combined.

A striking feature is the large boiserie area in matt black ebony distinguished by galuchatskin covered doors and panels concealing ample storage space. All areas of the room are illuminated by transparent crystal wall light fittings and led spotlights recessed into smoked glass mirrors.


A place for relaxing and pampering oneself, this spa exudes contemporary luxury and features exclusive crafted items that recall the exotic orient and impart elegant serenity. It is an authentic oasis where time seems to stand still so that the mind can reboot and the spirit regain equilibrium.

Whitewashed oak
in superb gothic style

Denoting extreme care in choosing and combining aesthetic details; the architectural elements are in perfect gothic style in whitewashed oak.

Exclusive areas underline our attention to the overall quality of a project developed for a fascinating ambience that interprets a sensorial experience of wellbeing, equilibrium and harmony.


A passion for quality wines is evident in this wine cellar where bottles are housed in a special place of refined beauty. This unusual bespoke wine cellar with its elliptic structure features cleverly crafted details.

Classical styling for timeless charm

An amazing wine cellar with refined classical styling evokes outstanding furniture made for homes with timeless charm where harmonious beauty suffices, without excess.

Antique finish oak

A highly exclusive wine cellar entirely in antique finish oak, complete with compartments closed by inlaid doors to protect the most important wines.

For those who love savoir faire and luxury

A sophisticated ambience for lovers of savoir faire and luxury, where details reveal a passion for things well done and in tune with the tastes of a clientele that seeks an exclusive personal touch.

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