Modern Elegance

Weissenhof Living

Tailor-made dining

Materials are to the fore in the dining area:

oak merges with wengè wood inserts and

the cool touch of glass combines with the warmth of leather.

The rational design of the dining area features understated allure

that intensifies the effect of oak wood and exalts the functionality of the composition.

Prestigious details

Sophisticated woodworking techniques highlight the wengè wood wedged between two solid oak elements.  This operation ensures strength and aids the woodworking process.

The rationality of wood

The skills of master woodworkers are clearly seen in the perfect composition of the oak veneer, marked by a touch of wengè here and there, the perfect combination of technology, design and craftsmanship.

Functionality exalted

Secret spaces, concealed openings that provide the utmost functionality, a modern, timeless style that goes beyond fashion and makes the boiserie a treasure chest.

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