Limited Editions



Elegant and sophisticated with a contemporary look incorporating classical details, the ambience created by Vie en Rose has decorative and ornamental motifs from days gone by as its inspiration. Never conditioned by fashion, the complementary décor items underline its strong personality.   This interior décor features naturalised Canaletto walnut, a classical wood species brought up to date with a natural finish, and metal with a bronzed finish that highlights the details on the complementary items.  The leitmotiv that links the different elements is a rose, engraved, embroidered and laser cut.



Designed to be a versatile element, the Small Coffee Table is another refined addition: it combines a simple wooden structure with a smart sliding table in bronzed finish metal.

When opened the inside of the module can be used to house bottles or the version without partitions serves as a general storage unit.


For sure another must-have, the elegant Daybed comes in soft Chablis leather with bronzed metal details. The same finish is used for the entire structure and the sliding side table.


The Commode is an elegant item designed to hold bottles of excellent wine.  The sides conceal two deep drawers and the central part has a lid that reveals a convenient multi-purpose area.  The lid, which also acts as a tray, lifts to uncover an area equipped with metal glacettes and three small dishes for chocolates or fruit.

The refined handles repeat the rose leitmotiv and are used to open the doors to access the inside cleverly organised with push-pull drawers.


One of the most interesting limited edition items is the elegant ‘Petit Cabinet’, the men’s version of which is equipped with smoking accessories.  The women’s version can be used for jewellery and cosmetics.

The shape is essential, emphasised by an engraved decoration that looks almost like embroidery and can be customised.  Craftsmanship and technology come together to create an article that fits easily into any part of the house.

Personality oozes from the individual details beautifully set into the Canaletto walnut, the star of this stylish decor.

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