Wooden collections

MASTER Collection


In a constant research's challenge, classical essences are renewed and come in the dual role with proposals which smell of tradition combined with contemporaryity.

Experimentation in our atelier is an important component of craftsmanship and of everything which makes fmf creations unique. Sometimes it arises from specific Customers' requests, sometimes it declines to create new combinations to express even more our interpretation of Made in Italy concept.

Tradition becomes a matter of design in accordance with a new perception of the wooden surfaces.



The material effect explores the use of noble materials such as cherry, European walnut or black American walnut.

The timeless luxury of exclusive furnishings passes, for example, through the new delicate nuances which make feel the cherry grain, rather than through the decided styles of some oak finishes.

The elegance of the black American walnut is always confirmed in the color variants proposed for this type of essence, which is itself able to define a refined lifestyle, also suitable for intimate and sought environments, where attention to detail becomes synonymous with preciousness and uniqueness. 


The style of matt lacquers certainly enriches the still wide range of proposals, which can be further expanded according to the customer's specific needs.

Different colors and chiaroscuro's style which are part of this collection tell how it is possible to "dress" the various designs by giving them a timeless charm.

Taste and elegance find expression, for example, in the colors of tortora or light mustard in their soft-to-touch versions, while the brush style gives to the white color a three-dimensionality effect. 

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