Classic Charme


Delia brings the Imperial style back to life.

This Neoclassical style is distinguished by majestic decor that combines opulence and harmony without forgoing functionality. The Delia Imperial style kitchen is regal and solid with well balanced proportions and is beautifully decorated with small hand carved elements featuring symbolic shapes or floral motifs picked out in gold leaf.


Carved frames, pillars, capitals and cornices outline the large, luminous white surfaces.




Elegant and imposing, Delia’s distinguishing feature is the multi-level, coffered counter ceiling with indirect perimeter illumination, decorated with hand-carved roses and rosettes.  The room acquires a sense of harmony with the ‘Tiffany’ style double glass doors with leaded lights.


Delia is available in several wood types, with decorations in gold leaf, silver and lacquered finishes.

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