Wooden collections

DECO Collection


The new fmf Deco’ sample card proposes quality wood types with glowing finishes that emphasise texture and special finishes such as, for example, Pearl Cloudy, a glossy opalescent effect in two shades, lunar white and lunar grey: both juggle reflected light to illuminate the environment.




Other ultra-sophisticated colours are used for our metallised finishes, distinguished for their elegance, also when coordinated with wood such as Madrona Light Gold, which conveys an aristocratic air and exalts charismatic personality to provide palpable luxury without ostentation.


One of the distinguishing features of this collection is Makassar ebony, an outstanding dark wood, ideal for quality furniture, and luxury upholstery that perfectly matches metallic finishes, for example Metallic Bronze or Metallic Warm Gold.





With a careful eye on current trends, fmf also proposes Night Blue and Purple, colours that coordinate well with wood or Metallic Warm Gold to create valuable embroidery like works of art that subtly balance fantasy and elegance.

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