New Collections 2018


Refined decorations create a vintage atmosphere.

Art Déco inspires the style of the Athena kitchen project through essential design with refined decoration in tune with exclusive good taste.

The project features refined doors with a special inlaid pattern created using different types of wood: ebony with rosewood or maple. The plinth and cornice feature brass on wood. The design of the extractor hood combines functionality and good looks with a geometric pattern on the brass edged cornice.

A detail of the door, showing the skilled craftsmanship of a subdued, refined inlaid pattern.  The handle also seconds the geometry of the door in a clever combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Attention to details underlines the Déco inspiration for the Athena kitchen

Careful attention to details is also applied to organising internal space, providing an image of functional refinement.

The boiserie is also designed to confirm the vintage atmosphere.

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