Timeless Luxury


Altea balances memory with the contemporary, as well as the functionality and warmth of tradition.

Entering an environment with classical styling gives a sensation of being guests in a house of noble origins, where every element meets the criteria of tradition, greatness in the sense of dimensions, and the exquisite refinement of details and materials.





Craftsmanship and creativeness. Attention to details and extremely accurate finishes.

The kitchen develops over the base units and raised parts and can also come with mullion doors that further enhance the play of the LED illumination.  The imposing cornice and the capitals of the columns are just some of the highlights.  These elements are also hand carved and give the kitchen elegant height.





This kitchen is in brushed Oak.  The framed doors are carved and decorated with silver leaf hand-applied by decorators skilled in this traditional art.

Every detail contributes to aesthetics with strong classical connotations.

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