Vie en rose

Kitchen furniture featuring details that demonstrate attention to luxury and exclusiveness. The decorative elements fulfil the aim of combining functionality and aesthetics.

Atelier's refinement of
for perfect creations

Every aesthetic detail illustrates the craftsmanship typical of a fashion house that considers master crafted creations a success factor that will attract the attention of an ever more demanding clientele. The kitchen furniture is in noble naturalised canaletto walnut.

Functional kitchens feature carefully studied details and solutions for optimizing space with an eye on refined elegance and practicality.

Decorative elements take the stage. attention-catching decorative elements help to create an exclusive refined ambience, expressing the personality and unmistakable style of those who live in it: admire the patiently hand carved boiserie panellin.

Petit Juas

The kitchen is not just a place for cooking, but also a space where it’s a pleasure to spend time; an environment where functionality and elegance go hand in hand, creating a unique ambience we can enjoy day after day. The atmosphere emanated by our class kitchen furniture is classical and evergreen: it involves a passion for details, quality and beauty that express love for the home.

Perfectly balanced
past and present

Kitchen furniture faithful to tradition that clearly harks back to the past and classical styling, but which involves discreet technology to meet the need for renewed practicality and new lifestyles. Its beauty is only exceeded by its rationality and class kitchen furniture is a perfect balance between function and emotion.

Tradition, exalted here by shapes and decorative elements with a classical air, does not fear new technologies. Well-balanced formal solutions are exalted by cleverly fashioned details and finishes. The result is kitchen furniture featuring rich timeless styling that fascinates.

Every element defines customized areas. A professionally planned kitchen where each element is carefully studied with the customer to compose and define customized areas.

La Fenice

Centre stage for the painstaking work of expert hands and the quality of the materials used, highlighting skilful

Classic details for romantic suggestions

Romantic styling in every detail. furniture is designed to be customised in order to make an important room like today’s kitchen a unique space. Painstaking details and clearly classical architectural elements enhance the high standard of quality.

Romantic style in each detail

Classical details for a romantic ambience. Attention to details and formal harmony for each individual unit are the features of a traditional kitchen with classical styling that evokes a simple relaxed lifestyle at a quieter pace, full of memories, aromas and charm.


Refined essential good looks and modern ambience where formal design solutions exalt functionality and geometry.

White and steel
for pure precision

Here is a kitchen where optimized space goes hand in hand with beautifully fashioned elements: the centre block has a brushed steel top enhanced by ground mirror edges and special side hinges designed to create corner doors with deep side profiles.

The painstaking details and formal harmony of each unit are evident in the range of solutions provided to meet all needs and optimize space.

New trends in taste require practicalsolutions and freedom to create compositions that satisfy a wish for a kitchen where guests feel at home.

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