Dressing Room

Petit Juas

The walk-in closet is a highly customized element that gives the bedroom unique charm. It is practically a whole room where every part is studied to optimise space and storing possessions acquires aesthetic value.

and refined allure

Petit Juas walk-in closets are enhanced by outstanding decorations and finishes to exalt its good looks; functionality challenges refined allure.

The project includes practical easily accessed storage space: interiors make room for different needs and ensure a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Great care has been taken in the creation of this furniture and the aim of every detail is to provide maximum functionality: the inside of the motorised extractor is fitted with practical containers for accessories such as belts, scarves and ties.

South Kensington

An architectural solution with great visual impact, an atmosphere of cosmopolitan taste where modernity meets rigorous essential styling. The ambience is enriched by complementary items perfectly in tune with a project designed to interpret a lifestyle.

Rigorous atmosphere
with details full of character

Modules that make up a geometric pattern interrupted only by the nickel finish cast handles, where uncluttered design goes hand in glove with functionality.

Petit Juas

The dressing room as a place of decoration and of warm elements, the classic as a lifestyle: the softness of the shapes, the tasteful detail and the neutral tones of the furniture, functional rooms which are full of fascination.

Elegance and functionality contribute to creating exclusive solutions in which quality craftsmanship excites

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