South Kensington

Bathrooms today are ever more refined and comfortable. Every detail contributes to creating an environment in which to relax and pamper oneself, a place where beauty and refinement go hand in glove with functionality.

Ability to interpret the most demanding tastes and needs

Every solution is the result of careful planning and the ability to interpret the tastes and needs of customers who are increasingly fascinated by exclusiveness and luxury. The doors on the bathroom unit are faced with lasa white marble inlaid with absolute black marble.

Top quality materials and processes

The choice of top quality materials and careful processing solves aesthetic and functional problems and allows us to design decor in which functionality is enhanced by bespoke technical solutions without forfeiting good looks.

Search for impact-making aesthetic solutions

A search for impact-making aesthetic solutions has produced the amazing effect of this mirror dropped ceiling with led lights; the cedar wood clad sauna is an exclusive design.

Star Island

To create a bathroom decor with that wow effect requires careful choice of materials and colour scheme to give the room definite personality outside of the traditional canon.

Soft supple lines outline the mosaic walls like a gentle wave.

Bespoke cabinet and mirror unit with combed backing that gives a special striped worn effect to the frame coated in silver foil.

Bel Air

A project is always based on listening to clients’ needs. We try to meet all their requirements competently and professionally by interpreting the desires and expectations of those who want a solution with strong personality.

The warm shades of wwod accompany the hours dedicated to the pleasure of taking care of oneself.

Exclusive customization involves essential functionality using different types of beautiful wood.

The pleasure of keeping fit in an extremely relaxing context.


Careful attention to detail is an important feature of masterly craftsmanship which bestows uniqueness to every room in a project that balances attractive impact-making solutions and responds to new lifestyles.

A composition featuring rigorous minimalist styling

New materials are used in this extremely rigorous minimalist composition; the wash basins are in Corian® with a single piece shaped top. The anodized aluminium handles and all the taps are made to an exclusive design.

The drawers are distinguished by a deep profile

In recent years great attention has been paid to areas in which to enjoy relaxation and pamper oneself; areas where design must ensure comfort in a modern ambience featuring simple but appealing lines.

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